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  • SA Sport Badge in bronze grade. Magnetic. Maker marked "W.REDO" "EIGENTUM D. OBERTSE" "SA FÜHRUNG" "SAAR-LAUTERN". Very good condition. Weight: 18'90grs. Dimension: 59'80mm x 48mm.

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  • Driver's Proficiency Badge. Gold grade. Gilded die-stamped metal. Very good condition. Reverse with two prongs (not circular metal support plate) and black cardboard circular cover and blue wool backer. Weight: 6'59grs. Dimension: 44mm x 39mm.

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  • General Assault Badge. Silver. Massive. Zinc. Retains the 80% of its original silvered wash. Reverse with crimped ball hinge. Unmarked Rudolf Karneth (type 3). *Not make an offer allowed. Weight: 26'36grs. Dimension: 55mm x 43mm.

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  • Brass. Dented. Embrossed eagle (visibly repaired). Some bumps and rust. On the back missing screw and fabric lining. Fixin bracket maker marked RZM M1/102 (Frank & Reif, Stuttgart). Complete chain with 31 rings with intermitent eagle and swastika. maker marked RZM M1/17 (F.W. Asmmann & Söhne, LÜdenscheid). *The price reflects the conservation defects of...

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  • Pioneer cap in trikot made. Crown in fiedl-gray and green central band. Black wool waffenfarbe piping to the crown edge and both edges on the central band. Central forward peak with hand-mounted BeVo eagle and oakleaf with tricolor cocade. Semi-rigid vulcanfiber made visor. Leather sweatband. Interior lined in gray cotton fabric. Without vissible marking....

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  • Gala Medal Bar with one award: 1) Iron Cross Second Class. Three pieces made. Magnetic core. Maker marked not visible. Very good condition. Retains all its "mirror effect" in its frame. Original ribbon. * Not make an offer allowed. Weight: 21'68grs. Dimension: 44'5mm x 44'5mm.

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  • Infantry Assault Badge. Bronze grade. Very good condition. Massive. Retains all its original bronze wash. Maker marked "JFS" (Josef Felix und Söhne). Ball hinge crimped and catch made of steel and crimped too. Convex. *Not make an offer allowed. Weight: 26'05grs. Dimension: 62mm x 49mm.

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  • General Assault Badge. Zinc. Massive. Silver class. Without its original silver wash, but in very good condition. Unmarked Steinhauer & Lück (S&L). Type 1.15.2 (vid. Heukemes, "The General Assault Badge"). With later wrap arround sheet metal hinge encountered normaly on type 1.15.4. Weight: 29'63grs. Dimension: 53mm x 43mm.

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  • Iron Cross First Class. Three pieces made. Magnetic core. Maker marked on the needle "7" (Paul Maybauer) Nice patina. Retains the "mirror effect" in its frame. Good condition. *Not make an offer allowed. Weight: 16'44grs. Dimension: 44'7mm x 44'7mm.

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  • DKiG (Zimmermann Light) Vendido

    Multipiece construction with maker marked "20" (Zimmermann) on pin. Obverse: Black enameled swastika (enamels in good condition -some scratches without loss of enamel-) with laurel wreath in gold (not discolored). The plate has mainly lost its silvered wash but retains a very fine patina. Reverse: Four rivets; long pinback with maker marked; hinge with...

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  • Bronce. Zinc. Retaining the 100% of its original wash. Maker marked "FE·C.W.E.PEEKHAUS, BERLIN" "AUSF. A.G.M.u K., GABLONZ". First pattern clasp; obverse with two distinctive features (die falw on the left scrollwork and detailed serrated leaf veining). Magnetic central plate retaining the 80% of its original blue coating. *Not make an offer allowed....

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  • Luftwaffe reconaisance clasp in silver. Eagle in blackened tombac. Wreath and oaks in silver. Very good condition. Unmarked C.E.Juncker. * Not make an offer allowed. Weight: 22'10grs. Dimension: 76'5mm x 26mm.

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