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  • Period Alphonse XII-XIII. For a General rank, with a golden shield on its front composed by a crossed baton and sword, bordered with oak bouquets; on its top Royal Crown. Made of leather covered by black rubber. A black strap ending in two loops, surround the cartridge. At its base a metal button with leather tonge. Very rare.

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  • Silver frontal shield with two crossed cannons. On top, Royal Crown with red gauze. Cover, visor and band/frame, covered with olive green gauze and lining in golden metallic thread. Chimstrap in brown leather and brown buttons on each side. Inside, sweatband in brown rubber and lined. Maker mark "Casa Parera. Barcelona". Good condition, without moth or...

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  • Africa Medal. Circular. Bronze. Obverse with bust of Alphonse XIII bordered with branches of oak and "Fleur de Lis". At the base inscription "Spain and Africa". Reverse: Allegory of Spain (young women) extending is hand to the Africa Continent. Original ribbon with the Spanish flag colors. Spanish hanger.

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  • With three awards: 1) Iron Cross Second Class 81914); Three pieces made; iron core; Maker marked "G" (Godet) 2) Oldenburg War Merit Cross Second Class; Magnetic; Unmarked 3) Hindenburg Cross (14-18); Magnetic; bronze; Maker marked "O&B". Original ribbons.

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  • Panzer Assault Badge. Bronze grade. Semihollow. Zinc. Bronze wash nearly lost. Unmarked badge so called "Daisy type". Overall very good condition. Weight: 27'08grs. Dimension: 61'5mm x 42mm.

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  • German Horseman's Badge (Deutsche Riterabzeichen). Silver version. Non magnetic. Maker marked "L.CHR.LAUER, NÜRNBERG BERLIN" and "GESETZLICH GESCHÜTZ". Good condition. Used. Weight: 14'45grs. Dimension: 52mm x 42'5mm.

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