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  • Panzer Assault Badge. Bronze. Tombak. Semihollow. Maker marked "w" (ferdinand Weidmann, Frankfurt). Shaped hinge and vertical needle style pin. Catch sitting on a rounded catch plate. Worn, but in good condition. Weight: 28'81grs. Dimension: 60mm x 42'5mm.

    350,00 € Tax excluded
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  • Gala medal bar with one award: 1) Iron Cross Second Class. Three pieces made. Magnetic core. Maker marked not visible, but probably a number "75" (J. Maurer). Very good condition. Retains its "mirror" effect in its frame. Original ribbon with a beautiful orange tone.. Weight: 26'27grs. Dimension: 44'5mm x 44'5mm. * Not "make an offer" allowed.

    285,00 € Tax excluded
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