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  • Circular between green laurel bouquet. Gold type. Circular center enameled in white with inscription "Battle of Chiva. July 15th 1837". On top, enameled in white, ribbon with inscription "Discipline and courage overcome strength". Reverse flat. Original ribbon but it does not correspond with the award.

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  • Order of Mª Isabel Luisa (1833-1868). Coinde in silver. Four armed cross (carcelle cross). Oval center with the initials "M.Y.L.". Obverse flat. On top, royal crown articulated. Original blue ribbon.

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  • NSDAP Long Service Medal for 10 years of Service. One piece made medal in bronze zinc alloy (feinzink). Retains its 60-65% of original bronze finish. The medal comes in a medal bar presentation with maker mark label on its back "Berlin W.S. Frankenberg & Ilse. Potsdamenstr. 138 a". Original ribbon and very scarce medal bar.

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  • Field grey doeskin wool with a crown and blue-green badge central and bright red wool waffenfarbe piping to the crown edge and both edges of the central band. Retaining good original "Sattelform" central forward peak with silvered eagle, oakleaf and tri-colour cocade. Black chinstrap; vulkanfibre peak. Diamont with silver "Deutsche Wararbeit" manufacture...

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  • Made in blue-grey wool with its traditional high peak crown with officer's piping (silver aluminium wire) along the crown and bottom edges of the cap. Cap band made in black interwoven fabric. Officer's cap eagle constructed of rolled and twisted silver aluminium bullion and a winged wreath with national cocade. Visor in vulkanfiber. Officer's chim cord....

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  • Medal of the Surrender of the French Squad. Oval. Silver. Obverse: Crossed swords and at their upper angle an eagle. In its lower angle a laurel wreath. White enamel border with inscription "For the surrender of the French Squad on June 9, 1808". Reverse: Flat. Dimension: 32'5mm x 24mm.

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  • Bilbao medal, princess size (26'5mm x 20mm). Oval. Bronze. Obverse: Coat of arms of the City of Bilbao bordered with inscription "To the liberating Army and defenders of the undefeated Bilbao -May 2, 1879-". Reverse: Laurel wreath. Original ribbon with the Spanish flag colors and one bar on it "Abanto May 25, 26 and 27".

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  • Iron Cross Second Class. Three pieces made. Magnetic. Maker marked "25" (Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Graveur). Very good condition. Original ribbon. Weight: 19'28grs. Dimension: 44'5mm x 44'5mm.

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  • Circular. Bronze. Obverse: Over war trophies, inscription "Peracamps Battles" and in its border, laurel and oak branches. Reverse, in its center inscription "Y2" an on each side "24 y 28" and "1840". In its bottom inscription "April". Original red ribbon.

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  • Circular. Bronze. Obverse: Oberlapping bust of Alfonso Carlos and Javier de Borbón and bordered with inscription "For God, the Homeland and the King 1936-1939". Reverse: Borgoña/Burgundy Cross under Royal Crown and between bouquets of laurel and oak bordered with inscription "To the loyalty Requeté in the Crusade". Original white ribbon with the...

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  • German Faithful Service Medal for 40 year's Service. Bronze gilded with black enamels in very good condition. One piece made. Non magnetic. Original ribbon with horizontal gala pinback.

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  • Seven awards: 1) Hanseatenkreuz Hamburg. Silvered bronze with red enamels. Commemorative medal. 2) Hindenburg Cross (14-18). Magnetic. Bronze. Maker marked "PSL". 3) 18 Years Long Service Medal (Ordnungspolizei). 4) Commemorative Austrian Anschluss Medal. 5) Bulgarian Medal for Merit. Bronze gilded. 6 and 7) Bulgarian and Hungarian Commemorative  Medal...

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