The buyer is entitled to rescind the concluded contract upon notification to Bruno Mado within 14 days from receipt of the product, without justification or penalty of any kind.

To exercise the right of waiver the customer should contact Bruno Mado International Orders and Medals, SL, at the postal address Ave. Diagonal n.o  535, 1o, 1a, de Barcelona (08029), Spain or by mail to the address info@brunomadomedals.com. The aforementioned mail must be addressed to Bruno Mado's name and that mail should also be identified with the invoice number and date, as well as the date of payment and shipping. The buyer must also identify the current account (IBAN) in which the buyer wishes the reimbursement to be made.

Any waiver that is made by phone, whatsapp or by any other method other than the above will not be accepted.


After Bruno Mado receives the request for exercising the right to waiver, we will request the return of the product to Bruno Mado's address. After confirming that the product is returned in the same state and condition as when purchased by the buyer, Bruno Mado will then proceed with the reimbursement of the total amounts previously paid by the buyer, including shipping costs. And that reimbursement will be done to the current account indicated by the buyer, within a maximum period of thirty days from the reception of the product. Bruno Mado will not reimburse the expenses already incurred, at the express request of the buyer, which are related to hiring additional insurance or shipping services different from those offered.

Bruno Mado reserves the right to deduct the cost of any damage caused to the returned product from the total amounts to be reimbursed to the buyer, always in the case that such deterioration or impairment had occurred due to causes attributable to the buyer.

Any waiver request delayed beyond 14 days, counting from reception of the product will be rejected.

The return of the product questioning its authenticity or falsity may be exercised within six months of the reception of the product. In this case, an after a preliminary recognition of falsity carried out by Bruno Mado, the process to refund the buyer the amounts previously paid will be the same as the one established for the right of waiver.



The purchasing system is simple and convenient; it is done through the shopping cart and must follow the following steps:

1.- Choose the products that you are interested in purchasing, and click on the shopping cart (figure). You might have selected one product, but remember that YOU HAVE NOT PURCHASED IT YET.

2.-As you keep selecting pieces (one or more), those will be added to your account that you can see by clicking on the shopping cart (figure) on the upper right side..

3.-After completing your selection, now YES, IN ORDER TO PROCEED WITH YOUR PURCHASE, you must follow the steps and fill the windows with the data requested.

4.- After completing all the steps, a window will then open (SENDS THE ORDER) that will ask you to confirm the purchase. Remember that THE PURCHASE OF THE CHOSEN PIECE IS MADE ONLY ONCE THE PURCHASE IS CONFIRMED. From then, that piece will appear as RESERVED.

5.- In the next 24 to 48 hours you will receive by email the purchase confirmation and the invoice, including shipping costs.

6.- If the payment of the pieces is not completed during the next 14 days, or if the payment is not justified with the bank order, the purchase will then be voided and the reserved pieces will be put on sale again.



The payment is made by transfer to our current account Mado Internationals Bruno Orders and Medals, SL, with the information listed below.


Ave. Diagonal n.o  535, 1o, 1a.

Barcelona (08029),


Banco Santander Central Hispano, Oficina Plaza Adriano n.o 8

IBAN: ES50 0049 4734 3325 1662 7436