Deferred Payments Program.


At Bruno Mado we offer a flexible payment plan to our clients. Our deferred payment program (Layaway plan) offers you the opportunity to make your purchases in several installments, without giving up the product you want. There are three types of Deferred Payment methods (PPA).


Plan 1.- Sets priced between 250 to 600.- € (three payments)

First payment 30% of the total (including shipping costs)

Second and third payment of 35% each month from the date of the first payment.



Plan 2.- Sets priced between 601 to 950.- € (four payments)

First payment of 31% of the total (including shipping costs)

Second to fourth payment of 23% each month from the date of the first payment.



Plan 3.- Sets priced at more than 951.- € (five payments)

First payment of 32% (including shipping costs)

Second to fifth payment of 17% each month from the date of the first payment.



Once the PPA has been agreed, the merchandise will remain on the website, although with the "RESERVED" label and until the total payment.



You can advance your payments, once established the PPA, contacting us to our mail After your email confirmation, the original Payment Plan will be updated.



The deferred payment agreement reflected in the PPA will be automatically canceled if the payment has not been completed after the agreed postponement months have elapsed. In that case, the merchandise will be exposed again for sale and 90% of the paid amounts will be returned to the customer. From this percentage, bank fees or processing expenses for the return of money will be deducted. Bruno Mado will keep the remaining 10%, as a penalty for the default of deferred payments and for the loss of sales opportunities due to having the merchandise reserved.



Failure to make deferred payments implies that it is impossible for the client to return to the PPA program.



If during the execution of the PPA the client gives up the acquisition of the product, he must inform Bruno Mado in our email; Bruno Mado will refund in full the amount paid so far in a period never exceeding 30 days. The communication of renunciation to the purchase of the merchandise will not produce the payment of any penalty, although it will imply the impossibility for the client to return to the PPA system.