Kriegsrichter to Kriegsgerichtrat promotion group.

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Reference AL-2-1823-A-114 Category Uniforms and Visor Hats

Group with the following effects:

Promotion document to Kurt Müller, dated September 25, 1940. Constructed with white paper stock, with embrossed seal of NSDAP style eagle within an oak leaf wreath and Hitler's facsimile signature. Minor and age-appropiate discolouration. Measuring 25'4mm x 35'4mm. 

Period original envelope addressed to "Un das Gericht der 12 Divission" "Schwerin i. M. Wilhelmstrasse 8". Envelope must have belonged to the first promotion since it is dated 27.6.39 and on the back, handwritten, it reads "zum Kriegsrichter von Hitler unterzeichnet".

Original photo from Dr. Jur. Kurt Müller. Dimension: 8'3cms x 11'4cms. (not folded). Good condition.

Military Judge's Cap (Barette) made in black rayon body, high black velvet band; 10 mm ribbet silver bullion tresse, black ribbet rayon lining; 40mm fine brown leather sweatband in very good condition. Stamped tailor's label "G.E.Eggert" "Spezialhaus für Juristen-Roben and Barette" "Lieferant des Volksgericht-hofes" "Berlin u. Mülhausen" "Gegründet im Jahre 1830". Light wear.

Case of issue made with heavy pressed cardboard with black rubber paint coated. Very rare group. *Not "make an offer" allowed.

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