Uniforms and Headgear

Officer of the Reserve (Train Company) Hesse-Darmstatd

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Black lacquered leather with metal fasteners. On its front, golden shield with a two-tailed lion edged with laurel and oaks leaves bouquets. On it, silver cross with inscription "Gott Ehre Vaterland". Spink with a circular base inside of sheet metal. Made of gilded brass with two ventilation holes. Back with vertical reinforcement. On either side national and state cockades. Chinstrap broken.

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    White wool base with some traces of moisture on the top but not moth holes. Red band and piping. National cockades and black vulcan fiber visor. Interior lined in white (stained by use) with white leather sweat band. Maker marked not visible. Very difficult to upgrade!!

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    Prussian NCO's Pickelhaube Vendido

    Blackened lacquered leather construction with red brass metal fittings. Rounde body and crown with stitched on extended rounded corner, front and  rear visor. Front; crowned Prussian eagle with upswept wings, clutcing a royal scepter and orb. Top with circular metalic sheet and spike base. Brass spike. Reverse with vertical brass reinforcement. Gilded...

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    Blackened leathered/lacquered construction, with red brass metal fittings. Rounded body and crown with stitched on, extended rounded corner front and rear visor. Tombac Saxon NCO's plate with the shield of Saxony over a eight-pointed star. Top crown with magnetic sheet metal spike base. Brass spike with five circular ventilation holes. Leather chinstrap...

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    Fine black "Nadelfilz" (needel feld) finished body without tress. Silver and red bullion fringe to the top of both ends. Gild Kaiserliche Marine "Zweispitz" button with anchor and royal crown. Orange/red State cockade from ribbed silk. Gold bullion with dark patina. Inside, brown sweatband with orange/red silk lining with maker marked "J.P.Mol Breda"....

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