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  • Mayas Campaign, Yucatán Cross 1902. Bronze. Cross with four arms and blue and White enamels. Without ribbon. Very fine and scarce cross.

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  • Military Order of the Crist (Portugal) Vendido

    Military Order of the Crist. Silver gild. Red and white enamels in very good condition (small enamel loss to reverse at 6 o'clock arm). Withouot ribbon. Weight: 306grs. Dimension (with loop included) 90mm x 43mm.

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  • Order of the Black Star of Benin. Knight Cross. Three pieces made. Silver. Enamels green, white and blue in very good condition (small black enamel lost in its central star). Without ribbon. Weight: 20'94grs. Dimension: 56'40mm x 37'50mm.

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  • Silver gild and red white enamels in good condition (enamel partially loss on the reverse). Without ribbon. Weight: 7'62grs. Dimension: 34mm x 26mm. 

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  • Created by Pope leon XIII in 1901. Silver. Obverse: Jerusalem cross with four equal crosses of smaller size between its arms. In its circular center bust of Pope Leon XIII and inscription "Leo XIII. P.M.Creavit An MCM". In her arms inscription "Love, Crucifixi, Transit Nos, Christi". Reverse: Inscription "Sacri, Itineris, Hierosol, Signum". Original...

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