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  • Tank Destruction badge in Silver. Celluloid wire strip with blackened non magnetic tank Moriz Hausch (type 1). All three prongs present on it reverse with black plate (without backing wool litze). Good condition (vid.: thread asking about authenticity in the WAF forum on last 08-26-2020). Dimension: 43mm x 17'5mm (tank) and 90mm x 30mm (all the badge).

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  • Close Combat Clasp in silver. Maker marked "Fec.W.E. Peekhaus. Berlin" "Ausf. A.G.M.u.K Gablonz". Silvered zinc. Integral hing crimped in catch. Its magnetic backplate retains the 15% of its blue finish. Very good condition with all its silver finish intact. Not repairs or damages. Weight: 32'71grs. Dimension: 97'5mm x 26'5mm.

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  • Silver grade Close Combat Clasp. Silvered zinc. Maker marked "Fec.W.E.Peekhaus.Berlin" "Ausf. C.E.Juncker. Berlin". Reverse with an square non magnetic backing plate. Horizontal pinback with barrel hinge and flat wire catch. Textbook example in mind condition. Weight: 30'73grs. Dimension: 97mm x 25mm.

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  • Bronze Grade Close Combat Clasp. Bronzed zinc. maker marked "JFS" and "Fec.W.E. Peekhaus. Berlin". First pattern, with sunken mark of the designer. Hinge, horizontal pinback and catch magnetics. Square magnetic backing plate. Retains the 100% of it bronze wash. Impossible to upgrade. The best CCC I've ever owned. Weight: 30'86grs. Dimension: 98mm x 27mm....

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  • Close Combat Clasp (CCC) in silver grade. Silverd zinc. Maker marked "Fec.W.E.Peekhaus. Berlin" "Ausf.A.G.M.u.K. Gablonz". Magnetic square backing plate, hinge and catch. Retains most than the 70% of its original silverd wash. Weight: 32'08grs. Dimension: 97'5mm x 25'5mm.

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  • Close Combat Clasp in bronze. Zinc. Backplate, hinge and catch magnetics. Retains the 100% of the wash in bronze.Maker marked "F&BL" (Funke & Brüninghaus, Lüdenscheid). Absolutely original clasp in very good condition (vid. The German Close Combat Clasp; T.Durante, p.174). First type of this maker. Clasp lovely vaultered. Weight: 36'02grs. Dimension:...

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  • Close Combat Clasp in bronze. Zinc. maker marked "Fec.W.E.Peekhaus Berlin/ Ausf. C.E.Juncker. Berlin". Nice quality and good condition. Weight: 25'90grs. Dimension: 25'51 x 96'71mm.

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  • Close Combat Clasp in bronze grade. Zinc. Backplate, hinge and catch magnetics. Retains the 50% of its bronze wash. Maker marked "F&BL" (Funcke & Brüninghaus, Lüdenscheid), Second type. Absolutely original badge (see "The German Close Combat Clasp. T.Durante, pag.: 174). Very good condition. Weight: 31'16grs. Dimension: 97'5mm x 27mm.

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  • Army Flak Badge (AFB). Zinc. Maker marked "C.E.JUNCKER.BERLIN SW". Pin and catch repaired (most probably in war time). Used. Nice patina. Weight: 24'23grs. Dimension: 60mm x 45mm.

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  • Panzer Assault Badge. Silver grade. Mint condition. Silvered zinc. Massive. Maker marked on its back "W" (Ferdinand Wiedmann). Vertical needle style pin with sheet metal hinge and a round wire catch. Reatins its 100% of silver wash. Weight: 24'53grs. Dimension: 60'5mm x 42'5mm.

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  • Panzer Assault Badge. Bronze grade. Semihollow. Zinc. Bronze wash nearly lost. Unmarked badge so called "Daisy type". Overall very good condition. Weight: 27'08grs. Dimension: 61'5mm x 42mm.

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  • Panzer Assault Badge (Panzerkampfabzeichen). Bronze grade. Massive. Good condition, even having lost part important of its bath in bronze. Maker marked "W" (Ferdinand Wiedmann). Vertical needle style pin with metal hinge. Weight: 28'94grs. Dimension: 60mm x 42mm.

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