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  • Multipiece construction. Obverse: Black enameled swastika (enamels in very good condition but traces of dirt) with leurel wreath in gold (not discolored). The plate has lost part of its silvered wash but retains a very nice patina. Reverse: Four rivets; long pinback with maker marked "1" (Deschler & Sohn). Hinge with barrel form. Heavy. Weight: 72'12grs....

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  • German Cross in Silver. Heavy type from Zimmermann "20". Multipiece construction. Maker marked on its pinback "20". Black enamels in very good condition. Retains the 100% of its silvered wash in its wreath. Very good condition (near mint). Rare Cross in this condition and beeing a "heavy" type. Weight: 65'74grs. Diameter: 63'5mm.

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  • Multipiece construction with six rivets and long pin on its reverse. Unmarked Godet Cross in very good condition (near mint). Retains the 100% of its silvered wash. Enamels in very good condition, not easy to see. Rare/scarce maker. Weight: 64'98grs. Diameter: 63'50mm.

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  • Ligth DKiG. Multipiece construction. Eight-pointed star nade in blackened and silvered tombak. Circular center with swastika with black enamel (very good condition), bordered with golden wreath. Reverse with four rivets. Hanger and catch on a plate embedded to the star. Pinback with maker marked "20" (Zimmermann). All the maker's features present. Weight:...

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  • German Cross in silver. Multipiece construction. Six rivets, short pin, heavy. Unmarked early "Deschler & Sohn, Berlin". Very good condition, even having partially lost part of the enamels os his swastika (retains the lower layer, wich allows us appreciate the uniform black color). Reverse with blackened areas. Very rare piece at a reasonable price....

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  • Silver (maker 900 not visible due to a modification from the needle to screwback system). With swords. Convex. Separately soldered eagles and circular center superimposed. Early production of Meybauer or Juncker in the first series of awards in 1939. Weight: 34'51grs. Diameter: 57'8mm. Case of issue: Thick cardstock with a darkblue faux leather exterior....

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  • Convex cross with swords in silver with separately soldered Luftwaffe eagles and superimposed medaillon. Fine production quality with polished edges and curved attachment pin on massive hinge. Made by Meybauer or Juncker in the first awards series of 1939 with reverse "900" silver punch. Weight: 37'1grs. Dimension/Diameter: 56'7mm.

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  • German Cross in Gold for Panzer Units, cloth version. Hand embroidered with a double-overlaid sunburst pattern with eight-points, with the bottom outer layer of the cross in silver/aluminium threads. Fired gilded stamped circular wreath with oak leaves. Date with thirteen notches and number "9" with the two die flaws tipical of a Type 2 C.E.Juncker...

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  • Clasp to the Iron Cross First Class (1939). Second type. Nickle silver. Unmarked "E.Schmidhäusler, Pforzheim". Very good condition and fine quality manufacture. Retains it "frosted" finished. Weight: 9'85grs. Dimension: 31mm x 41mm. Case of issue with magnetic push button. Very nice condition.

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  • Clasp to the Iron Cross First Class (1914). Silvered tombac. Scond Type. Unmarked "E.Schmidhäussler, Pforzheim". Very nice condition. Weight: 10'43grs. Dimension: 31mm x 45'5mm.

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  • Iron Cross First Class. Magnetic core. Three pieces made. Unmarked, so called "Straight Nine". Convex. Reverse hand engraved"Uffiz.Hupas L35315" (Adolf Hupas, Unteroffizier; -EkI 13.09.40 -DKiG 12.01.43 -Ehrenpokal 18.08.42; Staffel Stuka Geschwader 186). Weight: 14'32grs. Dimension: 42'5mm x 42'5mm. No "Make an offer" option for this piece.

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  • Iron Cross First Class. Three pieces made. Iron core. Unmarked Paul Maybauer. Very nice condition. Weight: 16'31grs. Dimension: 45mm x 44'5mm. Case of issue, pressed cardboard with metalic push/open button. Iron Cross engraved on the case. Very good condition.

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