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  • Militärpass from Max Buchholz, Unterofficiere in the Feldart. Reg. 66 (Württemberg); 4ª Betterie. Included two awards: 1.- Württemberg Silberne Militärverdients Medaille Köning Wilhelm I (1892-1918), 2.- Ehrenkreuz für Frontkampfer (1914-18).

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  • Honorific certificate for the soldier Johannes Schanz, member of the Militar Asociation Villegendorf, of the Federal Emblem Badge.

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  • Honorific certificate for the corporal Ludwig Überrhein (Infantry Regiment nº 30 "Graf Werden") of the Baden Silberne Verdientsmedaille am Baden der Militärischen Karl-Friedrich Verdientsmedaille.

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  • Reichstrebund Certificate for a former professional soldier (Karl Kentel) of Germany-Reichstrebund for 25 years of membership. Very good condition. Not holes or folds. Some stain here and there but only a few of them. Rare document to find. Signed "Richter" (Standartleiter). Pressed paper made. Dimension: 24'2cms x 32'2cms.

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