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  • Bronce. Oval. Coined by the House of the Currency. Obverse: Ship "Francisco de Asis" with inscription "May 28, 1858". Reverse: Monogram with the letter "Y2F" on two anchors. On top, Royal Crown articulated. Only 2.329 were made/grabted. *Not make an offer allowed.

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  • Oval. Bronze. Obverse: Battleship Numancia sailing over the Globe. Inscription "to the first who went arround the world in armored ship". Reverse with inscription "Spanish war battleship Numancia" and "February 4th 1865- September 20th 1867". Engraver "G.Sellán". Without ribbon. Only 600 were made. "Make an offer" not allowed. Weight: 23'68grs. Dimension...

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  • Barcelona to the catalan volunteers in the Africa Campaign 1859-1860. Circular. Silver. Obverse: Coat of arms of the city between palm branches and oak. Inscription "Grateful Barcelona". Reverse: Inscription "To the Volunteers of catalonia. Arica War 1860" among laurel branches. Original yellow ribbon with four red vertical stripes. Weight: 18'73grs....

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  • Circular. Bronze. Awarded to the naval troops that bombed the fortresses of El Callao. Only 4.000 were made. Obverse: Bust of Elizabeth II. Reverse: Shield with the inscription "Callao Mai 2th, 1866". Engraver "G.Sellán". Original red ribbon. Not "make an offer" allowed. Weight: 18'49 grs. Diameter: 30mm.

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  • Medalla de Benemérito a la Patria. Cinta y prendedor originales. El brazo superior del reverso de la Cruz ha perdido parte de su esmalte.

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  • Circular Medal. Silver. Obverse with bust of Isabel II between laurel bouquets and border with inscription "Africa Campaign 1860". Reverse with inscription "Serrallo - Sierra Bullones - Torre Martín - Los Castillejos - Monte Negro y Asmir - Cabo Negro - Keleli - Tetuan - Larache y Arcila - Samsa - Uad Ras" (name of battles). Royal crown articulated with...

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  • Humanitarian Order of the Holy Cross and Victims of the May 2, 1808. Medal in silver. Obverse with four-armed cross enameled in red, over crossed cannons and bullets. Bordered with laurel wreath. Reverse flat. Original ribbon in red, with frame in black. Dimension: 22mm x 13mm.

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